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HD-FXR180 Fish-Eye Conversion Lens
High Vision 180-degree (diagonal)

The lens is particularly designed for exclusive use with SONY HDR-FX1 High Vision Camera.@ It opens up the field of view ultra wide angle like 180 degrees (diagonal) and@138 degrees (horizontal), upon@mounting the lens on the camera's lens.@Further, the lens has an amazing resolution power of 625 lines/mm at center (MTF 30%) to suit the high vision image quality of the camera.

Note: The lens is designed to perform an optimum capacity when used at the zoom range from the widest angle point to 3.3X ratio. Beyond the 3.3X toward telephoto, it starts losing the image quality at corners.
Magnification Nominal 0.24X, Actual 180 degrees (diagonal), 138 degrees (horizontal),Vertical 75 degrees (taken at 16
Lens Construction 4-group/5-element, optical glass elements all surfaces fully coated.
Mounting Thread 72mm
Measurement & Weight 100 x 65, 700g

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