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MDR-079Pro HD Wideangle Conv. Lens 0.79X(49mm)
HD WideAngle Conversion Lens 0.79X


MDR-079PRO 0.79X
High Definition Wide Angle Conversion Lens

MDR-079PRO 0.79X high definition lens is especially designed for getting low distortion(-1.9%) and high resolution(330 lines/mm resolution power at center (MTF30%)) performance. The lens converts them into the superb 30mm(35mm film equivalent) wide angle coverage cameras.

Model RT5245C7 Lens Holder Tube and RA4952 adapter ring are required for use with the MDR-079PRO.
Magnification : Nominal 0.79X Actual 0.79X / Diagonal, 0.79X / Horizontal
Lens construction : 3G/3E Optical coated glass elements
Mounting threads : 49mm
Front filter size : 82mm
Size/Weight : 86 x 29mm/195g.(6.8oz)
RA4952 adapter ring is Included.
RT5245C7 lens holder is Not Included.





Images were taken with OLYMPUS C-750UltraZoom digital camera and Raynox MDR-079PRO lens from the same distance.

OLYMPUS C-750UltraZoom MDR-079PRO

Wide Angle 0.79X 3G/3E 195g


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