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DCR-6600 58mm

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DCR-6600PRO HD Wideangle conversion lens 0.66X

 -1.3% Super low distortion image !






Especially designed for use with high-end digital camera which incorporates the CCD chip of more than mega-pixels, and the lens is made of hi-index optical glasses, 3-group/3-element, fully coated for non-distortion(-1.3%) and sharp images. It's an ideal accessory lens for professionals and advanced amateurs shooting in tight place. There will be no reduction of light value when this conversion lens is attached on the camera's lens.

The original Raynox adapters are designed and made to suit the best physically and optically to the DCR-6600PRO lens to obtain the optimum image quality like the pictures shown in our website. When the adapters of other make were used with Raynox DCR-6600PRO lens, the picture image quality could be slightly deteriorated, especially around the corners.


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  Specifications & Measurements
  Magnification Nominal 0.66X
Actual 0.66X Diagonal, 0.66X Horizontal
  Lens construction 3-group/3-element, Coated optical glass elements
  Image distortion -1.3%(max.wideangle)
  Front Filter thread 72mm
  Mounting thread 58mm
  Dimension 77mm x 40mm
  Weight 178g(6.3oz)
  Accessories Lens case, Lens caps, Instruction manuals

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