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HD-6600 43mm kit

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HD-6600 Pro 43mm Kit
43mm Super Quality Wide Angle Lens 0.66X

43mm High Quality Wideangle Lens, 0.66X

In designing this lens we successfully controlled the color aberration and distortion of picture image at the least, and could reach to the highest resolution power of *350-line/mm at center.Mounting threads is 43mm.

* MTF 30%. Equivalent to 1890-line/TV(1/4" CCD),2520-line/TV(1/3" CCD).**The picture becomes soft focus beyond 6X zoom telephoto position while wideangle lens is on the camera.
SKU HD-6600PRO(43)
Size 75mm x 36mm
Weight 178g
Front filter size is 72mm. Nominal 0.66X(Actual 0.66X/diagonal, 0.66X/center).

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